Quick and Easy Recipe: Chilled Miso Tofu Appetizer, It’s Vegan Too!

Last weekend, we grilled up some beef short ribs, Korean galbi style.  On the side, we also grilled some sugar snap peas, okra, and mushrooms.  A peanut sauce accompanied the snap peas, while I tossed the mushrooms and okra in two chili dressings.

The juicy juicy meat was served with steamed rice, a quick cucumber pickle, kimichi, and lettuce leaves for wrapping.  Needless to say, everything was polished off swiftly by our eager friends.

Homemade Korean Galbi grilled short ribs by Melody Fury | Food, Drink, Restaurant Photographer and Writer in Austin TX and Vancouver BC

Homemade Korean galbi short ribs with sugar snap peas, mushrooms, and okra

To kick everyone’s appetite off, I whipped this simple chilled tofu appetizer up.  It was inspired by an amazing meal at a Tofu restaurant in Tokyo.  It’s creamy, savory, with just a touch of acidity. It’s so utterly easy to make, especially if you’re serving a crowd. It just so happens to be vegan too…

Japanese vegan chilled miso tofu appetizer recipe by Melody Fury | Food, Drink, Restaurant Photographer and Writer in Austin TX and Vancouver BC

Simple chilled miso tofu appetizer – perfect for hot summer nights



  1. May 21, 2013 by Mac

    This sounds like such a great snack. I went through a big miso kick last summer and kind of burnt out on it, but I had never thought to serve it with chilled tofu like this. Definitely going to give this recipe a try.

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  2. July 19, 2013 by Ida

    That looks so good!

    I just ran across your blog accidentally and I actually sort of knew you way back when on IAM (I was misanthropy_dot_ca and later changed to Ida and I also ran the vegan recipe forum). Nice to see you doing so much awesomeness with food, photography and writing!

    A very late congratulations on your marriage. I did cross border as well (Canada > US and then I did US > Canada for him), and it can be tough but if you survived USCIS, then you can survive anything. :)

  3. July 24, 2013 by Melody Fury

    Hi Ida,

    It’s so nice to hear from you. Ah yes, good ol’ IAM days. I sometimes wonder what it’s like on there now… it’s been years! Thank you so much for the compliments on my work.
    I’m glad to meet someone else that can sympathize. What a brutal process! Much congrats and blessings for you and your beau.
    Yours truly, Melody

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