Poblano and spring onion quinoa salad recipe with avocado and grilled corn

This salad is a medley of flavours and textures that screams “Summer”. It pairs best with… lots and lots of tequila.

Grilled poblano quinoa salad by Melody Fury

The t00thsome pop of red quinoa (I used that word to make you squirm)

The smoky char of poblano peppers

The juicy caramel of spring onions

The bright sweetness of fresh corn

The zesty perfume of cilantro and lime

The buttery creaminess of avocado

… you get the gist.

Grilled poblano quinoa salad by Melody Fury

Fire up your grill and throw on your favourite seasonal vegetables. Toss them together with whatever grain or pasta that tickles your fancy for a mouthwatering side-dish that grants you bragging rights.

(Ideas: orzo, bulgar wheat, barley, couscous)

Grilled poblano quinoa salad by Melody Fury

This protein-rich salad is so summer-jam packed with flavour that I eat it all on its own.  Of course, I wouldn’t complain if you offered me a few grilled prawns and scallops to go on top. 

Look no further for potluck ideas because this salad’s colours and textures hold up to any Tupperware abuse.  Naturally, that also means it’s (almost) just as good the next day as leftovers.

Grilled poblano and quinoa salad recipe with avocado, corn, and spring onions


  • 3 poblano peppers
  • 3 ears of corn
  • 10 spring onion bulbs
  • 3 cups of red quinoa, rinsed thoroughly with water
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 bunch of cilantro leaves, chopped. Save the stems.
  • 2 avocados, cubed
  • zest and juice of 2 limes
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and chili flakes to taste
  • olive oil


  1. Bring water to boil, salt generously, and add the quinoa. Add the cilantro stems on top. Cover and simmer until the quinoa is fully cooked and all of the water is absorbed. The seeds should pop and little white curls should loosen.
  2. Grill the poblano peppers on the hot part of the grill.  Rub the onion bulbs and the corn with oil and season with salt and pepper.  Grill alongside the peppers.
  3. When the poblano is charred, let it cool in a bowl and cover.  Once the skin is loosened from the steam, rub off the skin and remove the seeds.  Chop roughly and set aside.
  4. When the onion bulbs and the corn is cooked, remove from the grill.  Cut the bulbs into bite size pieces. Slice the corn kernels from the cob with a sharp knife.
  5. Toss the vegetables, avocado, cilantro, garlic, and lime zest and juice together with the quinoa. Add a generous swig of olive oil and season to taste.
  6. Serve warm.
  1. August 16, 2011 by Learning Patience

    YUM…looks amazing!  thanks for posting!  xoxo from Trinidad  p.s. having a fun giveaway – involves awesome govino wine glasses and flutes..

  2. August 16, 2011 by Melody Fury

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your getaway. I’m off to check out your website now :)

  3. December 16, 2011 by Christine

    Hey Melody, your
    Grilled Poblano and Salad is a Recipe Guessing Game on Knapkins. Think your
    friends can win?    

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