Win 2 Seats to Opening Reception of Canadian Culinary Federation’s 2011 National Conference

Not too long ago, I had the privilege of joining a judging panel for the Canadian Culinary Federation’s 2011 Healthy Chef Competition. With clip board in hand, I tagged along 10 other veteran chefs from one competitor’s station to the next, tasting and evaluating with scrutiny.

Oh, might I add that I was the first female judge in 48 years? I was also the youngest. Talk about a humbling experience.

The Canadian Culinary Federation – Fédération Culinaire Canadienne (CCFCC) will be hosting their 48th annual National Chef Conference in Vancouver from June 12 to 15. For cooks and chefs, this is a wonderful time to network, share ideas, and to hone their skills. For the public, we are presented with an array of top-notch culinary events to enjoy. Check out the impressive agenda.

I look forward to emcee’ing Dragon Feast of the Century Luncheon, an epic Chinese culinary event showcasing 16 internationally acclaimed chefs. Wow.

I’ll also be attending Lunch with Chef Andrew George and Métis Nation to experience modern Métis Nation cuisine. I especially can’t wait to try their game meat preparations, such as musk ox, buffalo, and venison.

Dragon Feast of the Century Luncheon by Melody Fury

Food enthusiasts should not miss these fantastic events, ranging from breakfast with top chefs, to delectable luncheons, to the extravagant President’s Ball.

Lastly, would you and a guest like to join me at the Tastes of CCFCC Canada – Opening Reception (6/12/11 5PM – 10PM)? 19 chef stations? Of course you do! Here’s how.



The Winner:

The winner of the tickets is Jens H, or @jensmh, who entered through twitter and facebook. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you and your guest there!

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2 simple ways to enter to win 2 tickets ($280 value)


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Bonus: comment below on which event looks most enticing to you for an extra entry.

It’s that simple! The winner and his/ her guest must personally attend the opening reception on 6/12/11 at 5PM – 10PM.

The contest closes and the random winner will be announced on June 10th. I look forward to meeting the winners and to bump into some of you at the other events!

Healthy Chef photos by Food and Tell

  1. June 07, 2011 by Jessica R.F

    I definitely would love to go to the Aboriginal Potlatch Dinner! It would delicious but very inspiring too:)

  2. June 07, 2011 by Melaney G Lyall

    FIRST NATIONS, Because I’m Coast Salish! And worked with both FN Chefs!

  3. June 07, 2011 by Marc

    Dragon Feast of the Century Luncheon: The Chinese restaurant awards top chef competition was amazing, would love to try more formal Chinese food.

  4. June 07, 2011 by Jane

    The most enticing is of course the Presidents Ball. It’s like the ultimate.

  5. June 07, 2011 by Jane

    The most enticing is of course the Presidents Ball. It’s like the ultimate.

  6. June 07, 2011 by Jessica R.F

    Correction to my comment: It would *be delicious…

  7. June 07, 2011 by Kelli Corscadden

    The President’s Ball sounds pretty exciting!

  8. June 07, 2011 by Erin

    Forced to pick only one, I’ll bow to whomever wrote the event description for the President’s Ball and pick that. But oh, the breakfasts and lunches look lovely.

  9. June 07, 2011 by Jen

    The President’s Ball looks amazing! 

  10. June 08, 2011 by 604 Foodtography

    Aboriginal Potlatch Supper as I’ve never had any type of Aboriginal or First Nations cuisine. :)

  11. June 08, 2011 by Allisudac

    I would love to try the First Nations lunch, especially the bison and venison. Yum!

  12. June 08, 2011 by Shannon

    President’s Ball. Anything extravagant works for me.

  13. June 08, 2011 by BruiseViolet

    The President’s Ball sounds delectable!!

  14. June 08, 2011 by Cally T

    No doubt the President’s Ball!

  15. June 09, 2011 by Brenda

    President’s Ball!

  16. June 10, 2011 by Joy

    Hands down, the President’s Ball. :)

  17. June 10, 2011 by A.J. Kwong

    I love breakfast… and sustainability! I think the breakfast with Chef Robert Clark on Sustainability would be really interesting!

  18. June 10, 2011 by Elsa

    They ALL look AMAZING! (Insert tummy growling here) BUT if I could only choose one it would be the Potlach because it would be something new, that I have never tried and its always a fun and interesting experience to JOLT the senses with something new!

  19. June 10, 2011 by Annika

    I should probably attend the lunch with Dana Reinhardt cause when do I ever get to meet a female celeb chef who shares my last name? Seriously, how cool is that? Maybe she really is my mom which explains my excellent culinary skills :-) *Kidding*. Anyways, thanks for sharing this great experience with your readers. PS: I’d love to come :-)

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