Suck the Head, Freeze the Body – BC Spot Prawns Reminder

Posted by on Jun 4, 2011

Maine cracks their lobsters, Alaska crowns their king crab, and the South boil their crawfish. In B.C., our seasonal, sustainable seafood sweetheart is the spot prawn.

You may recall them appearing in this festival, video, and recipe. Personally, I enjoy them served raw, with a smidge of soy and wasabi or the lightest mist of lemon juice.

melody fury sucks spot prawn head

Sucking the sweet and oceany goo from their heads is a favourite pastime of mine. This move has even landed as my avatar.

melody fury sucks spot prawn head

When spot prawn season draws to a close, PANIC STRIKES!

Oh NO! Do we have to resort back to frozen tiger prawns that are cultivated in Southeast Asia’s chemical infested ponds, carved out from irreplaceable mangrove forests?

melody fury sucks spot prawn head

Well, no. Here’s what you do.

  1. Purchase live spot prawns
  2. Twist off the heads while they’re still alive. One swift motion, people.
  3. Freeze the bodies immediately
  4. Suck the heads, deep fry them, or use them for a mind-blowing stock

This way, you’ll have spot prawns all year long!

BC SPOT PRAWNs by Melody Fury

The benefits of twisting off the heads before freezing are:

  • if the prawns are left out for too long or if your freezer is not cold enough, the chemicals in the attached head will break down body’s tissue. This won’t be an issue if the prawns are flash frozen.
  • in a household freezer, the meat is less likely to spoil than the head
  • the heads aren’t as delicious after defrosting

Also, if you purchase dead spot prawns or leave the bodies around too long before freezing, the flesh will become mushy too.


Photos of me by Food and Tell.

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  • Mike360x

    You suck prawns like a little bitch.

  • Jamiewrc

    Fucking gross. You should go vegan and get fit ;)

  • Max

    I’m from Washington state and just had these babies from a restaurant last night. After we would eat the bodies, they told us to save the heads, and then they fried them. So delicious!

  • Melody Fury

    Mmm you just got me salivating! Deep fried heads with a sprinkle of yuzu salt = bliss.

  • gross

    fuckin gross

  • Guest

    Umm… well… that’s… something…

  • KingPrawn

    I wud french kiss you with that.. yum.. :*

  • Josh