Odd Duck Farm to Trailer in Austin, Texas [Video]

I can’t help but compare my hometown with my newly crowned second home, Austin. While the variety and quality of cuisines in Vancouver is a force to reckon with, it simply can’t have everything. Luckily for me, what Vancouver is missing is precisely what Texas excels in. Yes, Tex Mex and barbecue are their claim to fame but Austinites are equally proud of their progressive food trailer scene.

Food trailer park, Austin Texas by Melody Fury

Hands full of food. Can’t. Hold. Camera. Still.


Vancouver’s developing street food scene is a baby compared to many cities. It’s still figuring out its kinks and looking for its voice under a load of city restrictions. Austin, on the other hand, has it all figured out. For one, there’s typically plenty of seating, especially when the trailers congregate in communal trailer parks. Secondly, BYOB is an unspoken rule that would never fly in YVR. Thirdly, the popular trailers are dining destinations rather than mere convenience for the lunch crowd.

When I feel like dining out without spending a ton of cash, food trailers are a safe bet. I can trailer hop and have my entrĂ©e at one stop, then move onto the next for dessert. (In this case, I had a fattilicious donut, jam packed with sticky frosting, graham crackers, and coconut at Gourdough’s next door). Not to mention, it rarely rains or freezes over in Texas and there’s plenty of patio weather.

Mystery meat is out and local, gourmet cooking reigns in many humble, mobile establishments. Odd Duck Farm to Trailer is one of my top picks. Here’s why.

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  1. May 25, 2011 by Joy

    I really need to hit up Austin sometime. A good meal for less than $10 is almost unheard of, at least in Vancouver. Ha. I love how you look so smitten in the video, Mel. ;-)

  2. May 25, 2011 by Melody Fury

    Girly if you come visit, you know you’ll have a place to stay :) We’ll eat til our heads spin! xo

  3. May 29, 2011 by Daily Slif

    That was all less than $10?????? :-O

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