Valentine’s Day Sweetheart afternoon tea gets juices flowing

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love it or loathe it, you simply cannot avoid it. Ever since my recent engagement, my outlook on Cupid’s day has changed. I look back at last year’s post “An Unromantic’s Guide to Valentine’s Food” and think, dang, I was a jaded little grumpster in the dumpster.

To date, I still don’t “get” Valentine’s Day. The Cowboy and I agree that we don’t need a special day for us to show our love. But since we live so far apart, we’ll take advantage of any excuse to spend 1-on-1 time together. Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to do cutsie things we that normally wouldn’t.

Urban Tea Merchant afternoon tea pastries

One example of doing things out of the ordinary is spending the afternoon together over tea. I once perceived that afternoon tea is for the ladies but discovered that it’s a refreshing alternative to the routine dinner and cocktails.

Urban Tea Merchant tea sorbet

If you haven’t tried it, I say get over-the-top dolled up and indulge your senses in some aromatic teas and tiers of dainty pastries, finger sandwiches, and sweets. These petite bites facilitate (um) mutual feeding, which leads to flirting and other good stuff.

Urban Tea Merchant smoked salmon tea sandwich

If you’re in Vancouver, there are several options for afternoon tea, such as Secret Garden Tea Co., Bacchus, and the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. For Valentine’s Day, I wholehearted recommend Urban Tea Merchant’s Sweetheart Afternoon Tea.

These tea experts are dedicated to fine teas and use them generously to flavour the food. Their white tea sorbet and champagne infused tea are delightful palate ticklers before the tea menu arrives.

Urban Tea Merchant champagne sorbet

Among the array of small bites, I was particularly dawn to the tea-infused eggs in the egg salad sandwiches. Tea leaves also lend a subtle smokiness to the chicken salad that were served in mini green tea cones.

Urban Tea Merchant chicken salad cone

After nibbling on savory quiches, cheeses, and fluffy scones, the experience was wrapped up with an offering of French macarons and champagne-filled chocolate hearts.

Urban Tea Merchant pistachio macaron

The way to my heart is clearly through my stomach and a romantic afternoon tea is a sweet place to start.

If you would like a DIY Valentine’s Day idea, check out my Pomegranate and Beet Chicken Salad. It’s pink, adorable, and sans food colouring!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!

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  1. February 13, 2011 by iamthewitch

    I love these cutesie things that you do on Vday! The macarons in the first picture looked absolutely DIVINE!! Happy Valentine’s day to you!!

  2. February 15, 2011 by Priscilla - She's Cookin'

    Having tea and little bites makes one feel so sophisticated. This particular tea service looks scrumptious and the green tea cones are wonderfully unique. Great photos!

  3. Makes my mouth water, and it’s way past Valentine’s Day! :)

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