National Food Holidays and Months Calendar

It feels like everyday is a National [Insert Food Here] Day.

I wondered what underground cult invents these random food holidays and shoots them at us without notice. After some investigating, I discovered that there is a huge number of Food Holidays, months, and weeks. What it lacked is organization.

With a few tedious hours of work, I’ve compiled a comprehensive National Food Holidays and Months Calendar for you! The link is also located at the very top of the page for easy accessibility.

National Food Holidays and Months Calendar

National Food Holidays and Months Calendar

A few observations I made while compiling the calendar:

Most specific holidays: Turkey Neck Soup Day (March 30), Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day (Nov 12), Spicy Hermit Cookie Day (Nov 15), French Fried Shrimp Day (Dec 20)

Personal most delicious: Roast Suckling Pig Day (Dec 18)

Most un-delicious, although useful: Bicarbonate of Soda Day (Dec 30)

Most “huh?” day: Pfeffernuesse Day (Dec 23) – I needed to google that one

National Food Holidays and Months Calendar

National Food Holidays and Months Calendar

Please enjoy responsibly and don’t annoy your friends too much with your new-gained knowledge.

  • Ken

    I love this calendar! There are foods here I’ve never heard of! Although, I did know what pfefferneusse was, surprisingly enough. I suppose my German background comes in handy sometimes.
    If a bunch of parrotheads show up here, it’s because I shared this in the food section at :) We’ll be celebrating a different food everyday there now!

  • Reeni

    I never realized there were so many! And some weird ones too like turkey neck soup – eww – that’s one I won’t be celebrating!!

  • Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

    I find myself looking at the food calendar quite often ;) Always fun to see what each day celebrates!!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  • Pete

    Ice cream day.

    We had an office party for national ice cream day on July 17th. Interested in knowing other food holidays, I came upon your website. However, it seems you had the wrong date as July 20th.


  • Melody Fury

    Thanks for the heads up, Pete! I guess the 3rd Sunday of July changes every year so I have to some how keep it current. Google Cal doesn’t give me the option to replicate by the day of the week. Appreciate it! Office party for ice cream day sounds wicked.

  • Bz Elizabeth97

    I absolutely love this post ! 

  • Guest

    How is this a calendar???

  • Melody Fury

    What would you call it?