Melody Fury Spits: sushi mastery for foreigners, Kraft scans your face, alcohol’s nutritional value

Posted by on Jan 24, 2011

Melody Fury Spits has been on the back-burner for a while and I want to revive it. However, I can’t figure out whether you prefer to watch me in video or to read the post.

Melody Fury Spits latest food news and gossip

Some admit to being too lazy to read or finding me more animated in person. Others like the mobility of text or simply prefer words on the screen.

That’s why I’ve posted 2 back-to-back articles, this one with video and the other with text. Check them both out and help me choose a direction please. Thank you!

p.s. I didn’t realize how much I move my head when I talk. Do I do that in person? Yikes, I’ll wear neck brace to correct the problem for next time.


Japanese Sushi Certification Program Tests Skills of Foreign Chefs

Kraft Store Kiosk Scans Your Face Then Knows What to Feed It

Alcohol industry grapples with nutrition labeling

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  • Kevin

    The video is a little more appealing, simply cause I’m a visual kind of person, but the text post was pretty good as well. Do both? :p

    I think you should make Melody Fury bobble heads.

  • tracy

    omg you are ADORABLE!!!! More videos!!!

  • fmed

    Why not both?!

  • TS, eatingclub vancouver

    Text, just because I read faster than I watch. ;)