My huge news (and an epic Chinese banquet celebration)

Posted by on Jan 7, 2011

It appears that I’ve been slacking on the blogging front. The recent dead-air makes me feel a bit unworthy of receiving 2 Canadian Weblog Awards in the food and travel categories. (thank you thank you woohooo!!)

But hear me out.

This past holiday season has been the most special and memorable one of my lifetime. I’ve been holding out on sharing about it with you all because it’s still surreal for me. For you see…

*Breathe in* TheCowboyProposed!! *breathe out*

Melody Fury's Engagement Ring

On Christmas Eve, my Texan boyfriend popped the question after showing me a heartwarming video that he made. The video is composed of a string of blog comments, tweets, flickr comments, etc. that documents how we went from being blogger buddies to becoming friends, then crushes. We started dating long-distance shortly after I gave him a Vancouver Food Tour when he travelled through the Pacific NW with a friend. We’ve since been travelling back and forth between Vancouver and Austin, thus explaining my Texas misadventures.

When I nodded “yes” with tears in my eyes, we officially became fiancés.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d meet my future husband on the internet, let alone in the blogisphere! Our paths first crossed when he tried out my recipe for a dinner party and I found his blog while researching info on Alinea. It took us some time to realize that we’ve unknowingly interacted for months.

Often times, we look at each other, in awe at the fact that we were once merely avatars that communicated in less than 140 characters. He still can’t believe he’s marrying a “Canadian” and I have no clue how I fell in love with a “Texan”. However, I’m quickly warming up to the Longhorns’ charming ways and hospitable nature.

His family came up to Vancouver from Dallas to spend Christmas with my family. To celebrate our engagement, we enjoyed a huge feast together at a top Cantonese restaurant. It was a superb, unforgettable meal and we have the photos to prove it.

Social media is truly a remarkable thing and it definitely shrunk our world. I’m sure you have a ton of questions for me, as I still do for myself. (huh? how? now what?) In due time, I will answer them here but Twitter and Facebook are quicker ways to get a hold of me. I’m in Austin at the moment so I’m off to explore this youthful, eccentric, and vibrant city some more.

If you are curious, Gastronomics is his food blog and he now tweets as @TheRealMrFury.

Love you all xoxo

Red Star Seafood on Urbanspoon

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  • Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite

    CONGRATS MELODY! I was wondering what was going on with your quietness on the blog front and I am THRILLED for you!!!!! xoxo

  • Barbara @ Vino Luci Style

    Awww…sweet. That’s all.

  • Nancy

    Congrats! :D Such exciting news! Who knew blogging was THIS powerful.

  • Amy Blogs Chow

    ahhh! wheee! Congratulations, Mel! Nobody deserves a happily ever after more. I love your story and wish you all the happiness forever and ever. Also, this means you will become a US citizen and then move to New York to be with me. The End.

  • Ron K.

    CONGRATS!! Looks like he did good! Elegant yet simplistic. I like! *thumbs up!* =0)

  • Mark

    Wow… i pick myself up off the Floor, Melody….I could not be More Happier for you….you are a Great person and if you picked the cowboy …..Well, I know he is Great as Well…..I am so Blessed to know you from FB …Your Future Looks a little Brighter today…God Bless you both with a wonderful Life together…:)

  • Laurent

    This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

    I found you via Twitter.

  • Danielle

    Congratulations. I hope you have a lifetime of happiness together filled with love and many more blogging awards…

  • Kevin


  • Nicolb

    Congratulations Melody!

  • Judy Chin

    Eeeeeeeeee! I love the story. I’m so happy for you Mel!

  • Chiot’s Run


  • Jan

    Congrats! Looking forward to see what you’ll be serving at your wedding!

  • Crispy Lechon


  • Crispy Lechon

    Where can we see a picture of you together? :)

  • DesignGirl

    That is so sweet!

  • Valerie @ Love through the stomach…

    Woo-hoo, congratulations!!!!

  • Cristina

    Tears are welling in my eyes! What a fantastic story of how you met your fiance and wonderful news! Congratulations Melody! :)

  • Sherman

    Congrats Mel!

  • Steph @ Lick My Spoon

    OMG CONGRATS girlfriend!!!!! that is such an amazing story. haha now i know why you were so into the wedding pics :) you will make a beautiful bride! enjoy every minute of engaged bliss :) :) :)

  • Michael Kwan

    Congrats! As coincidence and luck would have it, I also proposed to my then-girlfriend, now-fiance over the holidays. :)

  • zenchef

    Wow.. Mel, this is some BIG news! Damn. :)
    Big congrats to both of you! What a lucky Texan!

  • TS, eatingclub vancouver

    This *IS* huge news! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Tracey@Tangled Noodle

    What a perfectly modern love story! Congratulations to you and The Cowboy on your engagement and wishing you much happiness and great food in your bright future together. 8-D

  • Paula – bell’alimento

    Ain’t that sweet ; ) What a beautiful beautiful story! Congratulations Melody! The cowboy is a lucky guy! xoxo

  • Joyce

    Congratulations Melody!

  • fmed

    Whoah! Talk about a modern romance. Congratulations!

  • Ethan

    wow, what great news to go along with an amazing story! Congrats Mel:)

  • Shao – friedwontons4u

    Congrats! What a lovely story on how you both met. Wishing you and your cowboy the very best!

  • C

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

    And I think you’re even more awesome for replacing shark fin. :)

  • Steve


    I guess you’ll be adding steak and prairie oysters to your table soon enough.

  • Kevin

    @ Steve, yum, prairie oysters.

  • Mijune

    Mel! Congrats! I just attended my cousin’s wedding in Austin last year and I was part of the wedding party as well. If you need any referrals or want to see picks of what she did it might help you with some ideas. She is born and raised TEXAS and her wedding was the cutest thing ever!

    Congratulations to you and Pete! Food will be such a highlight at this wedding!

  • Mijune

    oops I meant *pics

    She got married at Star Hill Ranch btw.

  • Darina

    Congratulations! Wow, that really is super exciting news. All the best to you. Wish you every happiness.

  • Emily @ Mouth of the Border

    Congrats congrats congrats, Melody! Amazing news, and delighted for you.


    ps I’ll be in Austin for SXSW in March. Hopefully we’ll get to meet if you’re there then.

  • Colleen

    I’m so happy for you!!!! Austin is amazing – I’m a touch jealous. ;)

  • Su-Lin

    Oh wow – congratulations! What a fabulous Christmas it must have been!

  • Tony Lam & Peggy Lo

    Congratulation !!

  • Henry

    You Have a Great Blog Melody ! Thank you

    Best regards,

  • missmallory

    Congratulations my dear!! Looks like the holidays were a busy time for engagements this year as I’m sporting a pretty little sparkler on my little left ring finger too!! I love that you’re both food obsessed blogger, you’ll surely make for one delicious married pair!


  • frantic foodie

    that warmed my heart, congrats to the most beautiful girl around

  • Bonita

    Wheee! Congratulations Melody!! Such sweet news, and such a sweet, sweet way for him to propose! I wish you and your cowboy all the happines in the world!!

  • Kelly

    congratulations! what a beautiful story.

    i do have a burning question though: where did this epic chinese banquet take place?!

  • Marisa

    Congrats!! That’s super awesome.

  • Melody Fury

    Hi Kelly, thank you so much :) The banquet was at Red Star in Richmond, BC

  • Nastassia Johnson

     i can’t believe i missed this all! congrats!!!

  • Melody Fury

    Tehe… a teeny bit late but that’s ok :) Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you, N!!