Win 2 tickets to a sustainable food and wine night at the Vancouver Aquarium

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010

Update: Congratulation to Kevin (@604foodtography). You are the winner of the 2 tickets!

Thank you to everyone that entered. I’ll be sure to post more prizes for grabs soon :)

I’ll eat just about anything that I can fit in my mouth. Well, almost anything. Eating ethically is important to me and sometimes, my readers have to put up with me yammering on and on about sustainability. Hey, if we truly love food, we must preserve all species by making responsible food choices.

Wild salmon with Israeli Couscous

Now, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t indulge.

I’m inviting 2 lucky winners to join me in celebration of scrumptious, sustainable food!

Tourism Vancouver is throwing a “Sustainable Plate & Pairing Challenge” where 8 chefs from Dine Out Vancouver will strut their stuff at the Vancouver Aquarium. Each chef will prepare their best dish and skillfully pair them with local BC VQA wines.

This event is in support of the Ocean Wise Program so you can bet that the seafood will be fresh and sustainable!

Ocean WHO, you ask? Then you best watch this video, jam packed with spot prawn head sucking action!

Simply follow these 2 steps to win

1. Write a comment below about the food you’ll miss most if it gets wiped off the face of the Earth. (Include your twitter handle / fb name)

2. Spread the word through either:

  • Twitter: Follow me and write a tweet that includes this link, @GourmetFury, and #DineOut e.g. Party with @GourmetFury! 8 #DineOut chefs + 8 BC wines @VancouverAqua. Win 2 tickets
  • OR

  • Facebook: “like” Gourmet Fury on facebook, then share this link with your friends. Be sure to type @Gourmet Fury in the description so that I can track you! e.g. Win 2 tickets to sample 8 Dine Out chefs’ menus and 8 BC wines at the Aquarium from @Gourmet Fury [insert link]

The winner of the pair of tickets will be picked at random and announced on January 6th, 2 weeks before the event. Good luck and I can’t wait to meet you!

Event: A Sustainable Plate & Pairing Challenge

Time: January 20th at 7pm

Tickets: $68

Location: The Vancouver Aquarium

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  • kingkabuz

    I would miss a butter soaked lobster. Messier than a babies bib at feeding time, but tastier than a box of chocolates!

  • Mandy

    Sushi…. definitely sushi :p

    EEEK I hope I win!!

  • Janice

    The food I’d miss the most would probably be clams (with scallops and prawns as a close 2nd/3rd choice).

  • Nicolb

    Sushi… but because that pretty much covers all seafood. Sushi me now!

  • brycepugh

    I would miss all of the fish!
    It sounds a little Seussical to say it like that, but it’s true.
    Pink fish;
    White fish;
    Big fish;
    Little fish;
    All fish!

  • Henry

    Fresh, wild salmon. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  • Beth

    Local fresh seafood and wine are two of my favourite things. Wouldn’t want to miss it!

  • Kevin


    No more bacon, crispy lechon and samgyeopsal pork belly just to list a few…what would I do?!

  • Hilary

    Food I’d miss most…popcorn. How would we watch movies without it?

  • ephemera07

    hi Melody – great contest! I will miss wild salmon the most, although any sushi fish is a close second. And I would definitely miss cocoa!!!!!

  • Sophia

    I would be pretty sad if I couldn’t have my sablefish anymore. That and steak!

  • Colleen

    Fish, for sure. All kinds, but probably tuna and salmon the most. Also, heirloom anything. they taste SO much better!!

  • Jen

    I would miss so many different foods! Crab with garlic butter, avocado, cheesecake, Irish Cream liqueur, tempura

  • Jeremy

    I would miss prime rib roasts the most!

  • Tracy


  • Katherine

    Oooh raw salmon … that’s why the Ocean Wise movement is so important now :)

    Also I’d die if truffles were wiped off this earth. I had the best truffle poutine last week and I still can’t stop thinking about it … hungry .. now … ugh!

    Have retweeted (@KatherineKW)

  • Ivy Fong

    I’d miss Lasagna the most. It’s the best gift to the world… Love it.

  • @vancouverhoney

    Whole beef tenderloin sliced with blue cheese cream sauce poured on top. Oh yeah.

  • Sanaz

    Sushi for sure…

  • William Tang

    I would miss the tender taste of Mahi Mahi smothered in a butter cream sauce with a light hawaiian pineapple salad on the side…oh my word

  • Anthony Nicalo

    I’d miss humans. Most cultures don’t eat humans, unless you are a worm, of course, but eating sustainably isn’t about preserving your favorite dish. Unless we start to eat sustainably, the planet won’t be able to support human life.

  • @bchotelassoc

    Truffle! I could eat cardboard if it was covered in truffle oil… mmmmm…

  • maria

    I would probably miss poutine the most! So Canadian eh?

  • Crispy Lechon

    I will definitely miss Filipino roast pig (Lechon).

  • Shoshanna

    I would miss wild salmon (mostly sashimi); therefore, it is important to support local sustainable seafood.

  • Dianne Chow

    I would definitely miss Ahi tuna as it is my favorite fish and I always order it whenever I see it on the menu.

  • Evelyn

    I’d miss steak the most! A huge piece of triple A Alberta beef, rare please.

  • Cecilia Lu

    Definitely chocolate. The pennies we’re paying at the moment in no way lives up to the actual cost of producing cocoa beans. Need to start treating chocolate like the luxury it once was!

  • Angela R

    Cod & Halibut! Fish n’ Chips….hmmm yum

  • Al

    Salmon. Wild.

  • @sumicatherine

    Sushi for sure!

  • Tim Cheung

    I would definitely miss anything my mama cooks! Sushi and steak are 2nd and 3rd. Looking forward to meeting you too.

    (retweeted @Tim604)

  • h_suarez

    Fruits, all kinds of fruit. I don’t really have a particular type of fruit but if I had to pick one it would be the orange.

    I’m @h_suarez on Twitter btw

  • Lexa

    I sure would miss scallops if they disappeared! (@lexaleigh)

  • Jennifer Breakspear

    Salmon… I would be done in if we did not see hordes of salmon tenaciously journeying upstream.
    Raspberries… the marvelous flavour found within the tiny berries… without it the world would be a sad place.
    Chocolate… I can’t even imagine the darkness that would settle in over our globe if we were to be deprived of chocolate.
    I must stop. I am getting depressed.


  • Diane

    Tuna tartar! Actually, I already miss it as I think I shouldn’t eat it when it’s so endangered :(

    fb: vancouverinsideout

  • Katherine

    Dungeness Crab… cooked on the beach in salt water

  • Tracy

    oops forgot to include:
    twitter @tkwan23!/tkwan23/status/15659841292865536
    fb: Tracy Kwan

  • Kristin

    I would miss mussels more than life itself. Delicious, buttery mussels.
    twitter: @kristinhodgins

  • Deb

    I would miss the local stuff: wild salmon, crab, sable fish… mmmm.

  • T. King

    i would miss the rich wild salmon that we have

  • Christine

    I would be devastated if I could never eat mussels again! Especially the wild Salt Spring Island ones, YUM!

    Twitter: @the_bopper

  • Linda Nguyen

    OMG, if fois gras or cheese was ever wiped off the face of the earth, i don’t know what i’d do!!!! if i knew i had only one day to eat them, i’d stuff my face until i was sweating them out lol


  • Finn

    Mussels! No, wild salmon! No, sable fish! Oh, I can’t decide, there’s too much delicious….

  • Anita

    I would miss dungeness crab.

  • http://TrinaDavies Trina

    Salmon. Definitely salmon. Sushi. Prawns.

  • May

    My favourite type food is seafood, and if I had to pick my favourite seafood it would be scallops. They’re small, but so unique in taste. I would miss them dearly if they got wiped off the face of the earth. That, and vegetables in general. No amount of meat or seafood can ever replace veggies!

    Twitter handle: @Miss_MayC

  • Bonnie

    I’m chinese – i’d say Shark Fin :p

  • Denise

    Ooh sounds delish! I hope I win!


  • Daily Slif (@DailySlif)

    Not to sound unoriginal or anything, but I’d miss salmon. It’s just so gosh darn tasty!

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