Deep Fried Everything at State Fair of Texas [Video]

Posted by on Oct 25, 2010

So I was thinking, of all places to visit in the US, what’s the most unlikely spot for me to take a vacation? Or better yet, where would I experience the most culture shock?

Why, Dallas Texas sounds shocking enough for a little Canadian girl that doesn’t own a car, only consumes one serving of meat a week, and only eats deep-fried food when I’m majorly intoxicated.

Texans are damn proud of their state. They take every measure to demonstrate how everything is indeed bigger in Texas, including their monstrous portion-sizes. Meanwhile, my body is accustomed to eating multiple small meals throughout the day and rarely over-eating.

Melody Fury Eats Texas State Fair

For the love of misadventure, I threw all of my habits out the window and dove head-first into the infamous deep fryers at the notorious State Fair of Texas. While the average person seeks out the most delicious treats, I roamed the grounds for the most mind-bloggling and stomach-churning items.

Before entering, I was advised of 3 things:

1. This is the single most visit-worthy state fair (woohoo!)
2. They will deep fry anything remotely edible
3. Not to judge the rest of Texas according to my experience here

Don’t mess with Texas? Let’s see what happens when the Fury does just that.

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  • Rose @ The BMK

    Ohhhhhhhhh my god you ate that! (re: butter). I’m simultaneously revolted and in awe! Great video! Only you could look so cute eating fried food. Seriously. I’d just look like a pig ;) Glad you’re back safe from your trip!!

  • Ruven

    Hilarious! The fatties like butter.

  • Fran

    Oh my! I’ve always wanted to see what the Texas State Fair was like and now I know . Thanks for taking us there! I can’t believe you ate all the fried stuff. I’ve heard of fried butter and fried Coke, but I had no idea what it would look like. The fried beer was so flat, I don’t quite get it.

    How did you feel the next day? When I go to the fair I like the roasted corn and a smoked turkey leg. I guess I’m a savory fair food person.

    Great video!

  • Ken

    LOL Great video! Gave a nice taste (heh!) of the TX State Fair. I saw a sign for chicken-fried bacon; you should’ve tried that, too! :D

  • Mackenzie Chiu

    WE had deepfried butter at our CNE… it was amazing.. aburst of salty buttery goodness… although I only had one.. haha! great video

  • Toby Sullivan

    I drove down to experience the State Fair of Texas this year as well. This video sums it up so well and the memories are flooding back.

    I must disagree with you on the butter though. That was delicious! haha.

  • Kevin

    Can you adopt me to be your little brother?!!?

    How about deep fried ..sour keys?

    Deep fried wine? Deep fried durian. … urgh.

  • S Lloyd

    Texas is one state I like visiting when touring the US. A nice change from the usual choices of Florida and California.

  • Melody Fury

    S Lloyd – Texas is quite something. I’m learning to love it more and more. The people are so kind and down to earth.

  • Melody Fury

    Kevin – adopt you? :D are you sure? I can be bossy. I’d try deep-fried durian, comme battered deep fried banana…

  • Melody Fury

    Toby – haha WHAT? oh my goodness me. Which flavour did you get? There was garlic…

  • Melody Fury

    Mackenzie – oh my my. 1 is more than enough. I’d take a timbit over that any day.

  • Melody Fury

    Ken – too much of a good thing, sir.

  • Melody Fury

    Fran – wasn’t fried coke just funnel cake w/ syrup? I didn’t try it. I should’ve gone with the smoked turkey leg but filled up on yucky stuff :\ thanks for the support!! xoxo

  • MizzJ

    Oh man, I think I had an artery clog just watching this video! Some things are not meant to be deep-fried haha  I bet there were no deep fried vegetables eh?

  • Adrian Nyland

    Your face is PRICELESS after you put the butter in your mouth

  • Melody Fury


    I’ll try anything once :)

  • Cotton Watts

    Why is the video gone now Melody ?