The Girl that Ate the Most BALLS

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010

I am proud to announce that I’ve eaten more meatballs than anyone in the city of Vancouver . ANYONE. Dare to challenge me?

On my latest Meatball Quest for my weekend column on 24 Hours Newspaper, my partner in crime Raj and I scoured the city for the finest balls available. We literally stuffed our mouths with ball after ball after ball, ranging from authentic Italian comfort food, to massive Shanghainese Lion’s Head, to chicken tskune at an izakaya specializing in the art of yakitori.

I wanted to call the near-suicide mission “Balls of Fury” but I hear that’s already taken.

Nevertheless, please enjoy some serious food porn of our favourite balls. You can also read the 6 articles below, featuring the Glowbal Group‘s 4 establishments, Cibo Trattoria, Bin 941, Shanghai Village, Zakkushi, and Sweeney’s. They’re quirky and fun reviews, with a side of bantering.

If you can’t see these photos, get the flash player or view them on flickr.

Click to Enlarge Articles

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  • Marisa

    This sounds like my kinda challenge. Meatballs are the bomb!

  • catty

    Hehe nice meatball fury!!! I have a thing about meatballs too. Sometimes I go months without having any and then suddenly ALL I WANT IS MEATBALL and I’ll have it every day for a week (then I’ll be sick of it again) hehehe… ever tried it Scandinavian style with beetroot salad??

  • joe beef

    were they hairy ?

  • Bonnie

    So all in all, how many meatballs did you engorge in? I want to know what kind of competition there is out there? Not that I’m a meatball eating champion. Just curious. LOL

  • liv

    damn that sounds good!

  • wasabi prime

    Ha! Brilliant challenge — and delicious!

  • needing more

    Wonderful! It’s divine and delicious!

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  • S Lloyd

    OMG! How did you do that? I love meatballs, but that such a short period…I just can’t!

  • Melody Fury

    S Lloyd – it’s all in the mind. determination!!

  • Melody Fury

    Bonnie – oh dear me… probably a good 3 dozen?