Capt’n Fury Traps BC Spot Prawns! [Video]

Spot Prawn Festival (4th Annual) launches on Saturday, May 8th to celebrate the beginning of Spot Prawn season. I’m super excited about the arrival of these prized critters. I can hardly wait to devour this local and sustainable delicacy prepared by some of the city’s top chefs.

In the mean time, check out my recipe and video from the last Spot Prawn season.

During the Olympics, I hopped onto Organic Ocean‘s prawning boat with NBC’s Today show, Ocean Wise (Vancouver Aquarium) and Chef Rob Clark (Raincity Grill, C).

I threw this little video together where I…

  • make out with a live Spot Prawn
  • chat with Steve about Spot Prawns v.s. Tiger Prawns
  • earn the title of “Capt’n Fury”

Enjoy the video and the photo gallery below. See you at the fest and be on the lookout for Spot Prawn recipes soon.

If you can’t view these photos, see the flickr album or get the Adobe flash player

  1. May 03, 2010 by wasabi prime

    Critterfest! Love it. I’ve only gone crab fishing a few times, discovering the circle of life is a rough one, but it’s great to have that hand’s on experience with one’s food to appreciate it that much more!

  2. May 03, 2010 by justcooknyc

    wow, i don’t know if i could eat the live one like that… i’ve been wondering if there are great deals for cool hotels in vancouver now, post olympics. i was thinking of visiting this summer since i’ve never been.

  3. May 03, 2010 by Ken

    Great video! I’m glad you talked about conservation and sustainability. It was good to see you talking about learning where our food comes from, too. “The supermarket” is not the right answer. Producing food, weather it’s fishing, farming, ranching, or whatever, has a such a huge impact on our environment and our economy. Everyone needs to be aware of this delicate balancing act. Awareness is always the first step to improving things.

  4. May 03, 2010 by Eleanor Hoh(wokstar)

    Brave girl going out on boat, I get seasick, not good. Love prawns. Must be my s/ware not upgraded, couldn’t finish watching vid. Good you’re out there, Melody.

  5. May 04, 2010 by Linn @ Swedish home cooking

    That’s fun! I wanna be at that critter fest also! Mmm.

  6. May 04, 2010 by TripleScoop

    Wow that was a cool video. Nice way to eat spot prawns, fresh and tasty!

  7. June 28, 2011 by D. Rex

    What’s next? Are you going to bite the head off a live chicken?

  8. June 28, 2011 by Melody Fury

    If you consider that comparable, then sure.

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