Road 13 Local Winemaker’s Dinner at Tapenade Bistro in Steveston, Richmond

There are ok days, good days, and fantastic days.

Then there’s wine, local wine, and Road 13 wines.

On the edge of Steveston’s fisherman’s wharf stands a Mediterranean bistro that incorporates local ingredients into its innovative menu. Chef Alex Tung of Tapenade Bistro graciously invited me to attend their wine dinner and turned my average day flippin’ spectacular.

Road 13 Wine Dinner at Tapenade

“I read that you love Road 13 wine…” Chef writes.

uh huh!! nod nod nod. Road 13 from Oliver B.C. is amongst my favourite local wineries. Their versatile and well-priced Honest John is my staple table wine. So when Chef Tung asked whether I’d like to meet the winemaker, sample their wines, and try his culinary creations, I responded “yes” in a flash.

On that night, I was greeted with a glass of chilled rosé and an assortment of h’or d’oeuvres. The evening continued with a progression of delectable dishes with precise wine pairings. Winemaker Michael Bartier entertained the guests by telling behind-the-scene stories about the vineyard. He also explained how the dedication to improve their line led to the winery’s recent switch to focusing on blends over varietal wines.

Road 13 Local Winemaker’s Dinner at Tapenade Bistro in Steveston, Richmond

The highlight of my night was a delicate Pinot Noir that wove seamlessly into a succulent piece of sustainable halibut atop spaetzle and artichokes. When Bartier revealed that we were sipping on discontinued varieties, it’s difficult not to feel sentimental. I felt especially honored to enjoy the Road 13 Fifth Element (Winery Library Selection 2005) with him and look forward to the new and exciting combination.

Tapenade showcases different wineries through these fun and delicious events. The Poplar Grove wine dinner will be held on April 25th with guest speaker Ian Sutherland. Visit their website for more details.

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