Keep Calm and Eat Dessert – 2 Quick Emergency Recipes

Posted by on Apr 9, 2010

Define “emergency”. Is one ever in dire need of dessert?

Sugarholics may argue “yes” and I am, of course, one of them. Here are some situations off the top of my head where throwing together an emergency dessert is necessary.

  • In-laws’ surprise visit
  • An excuse to invite your date over
  • Approaching morning deadline – brain can’t function without dessert
  • You’re pregnant

Whatever the case, you’re not obliged to explain yourself. Feel like dessert? Make it.

Here are my two favourite quicky desserts using ingredients found readily in my fridge and freezer. They are simple and fun to make with kids too. The best part is they do not require specific directions or measurements. I’ve also suggested some ingredient alternatives but use whatever tickles your fancy. After all, you only stock your fridge and pantry with what you love!

PB Banana Turnover

Peanut Butter, Mashed Banana, Candied Ginger Turnovers

  • Remove phyllo or puff pastry from the freezer. Preheat toaster oven.
  • Mash PB and nanner together in a bowl, add chopped candied ginger and sweeten with honey.
  • Puff Pastry: cut pastry into squares, add filling, press out air and seal.

    Phyllo: layer several sheets together by brushing on melted butter, cut into long rectangular strips, add filling, fold corner over into a right triangle, continue to follow the shape and fold over until pastry ends.

  • Brush with eggwash, sprinkle with sugar, bake.
  • Serve with ice cream (of course!)

For a savory alternative, try peanut butter and shredded sharp cheddar. This hits the spot like 3am Denny’s does, trust me.

More ideas: classic PB&J, dulce de leche and apple slices, marshmallows and chocolate chips, orange marmalade and sliced peaches.

Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry Mascarpone Yogurt Parfait

  • Whip 1 part Mascarpone cheese and 2 parts yogurt together. Add a dash of vanilla extract or lemon zest. Sweeten with honey.
  • Layer sliced strawberries, berries, or other fruit in glasses with the creamy mixture.
  • Sprinkle on something crunchy. I happened to love breakfast cereal.

Creamy ideas: sweetened condensed milk with cream espesa, whipped cream and crème fraiche … you get the idea :)

Topping ideas: chopped nuts, shaved chocolate, coconut flakes, crushed graham crackers, gingersnaps… crumbled Oreos, Reeses Pieces … ok, now you’re losing respect for me.

Strawberry Parfait

What’s your emergency dessert? Please share :)

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  • SuperChef

    I don’t need an emergency for desserts. Dessert craving is always there.

    My emergency desserts are : banana/apple crisp, banana springrolls, smores!

  • allison from “a for aubergine”

    The peanut butter and mashed banana is brilliant! Perhaps I am bias because nanners and PB are one of my fav combos. :) Thanks for the idea!

  • Divina

    These are two beautiful desserts that would impress the guests. Thanks Mel.

  • Mai @ Flavor Boulevard

    My emergency dessert: mashed avocado, served cold like ice cream :-P
    Yours is restaurant level, mine is no-kitchen level. :-P

  • Lynn

    Hey Mel! My favourite is French toast with sweetened condensed milk. Super easy, super fast, super yummy!

  • Linn @ Swedish home cooking

    In Sweden, we make Swedish Cupcakes as emergency dessert. But with a store bought muffin of course. Voilá! Look at the latest episode of my online cooking show to see the Swedish Cupcake recipe!

  • kamran siddiqi

    Great post, Mel! I always have a dessert emergency, as I always crave the stuff! Yumm.

  • Simone

    I never really need an emergency For dessert although i do try and limit making them ir i would burst Out of my clothes really fast! Having said that i would eat your desserts any day of the week!!

  • barb

    I’m going to try some of yours! I subscribe by rss. Mine is smore’s. I just put marshmallows under the broiler then add a few choc.chips & sandwich between grahman crackers,delish! Sometimes I do it with coconut instead of the marshmallows toasted of course!

  • Fearless Kitchen

    These are two really creative solutions! When I really have a dessert emergency I usually just serve fruit with yogurt, nuts and honey.

  • Jen @ Tiny Urban Kitchen

    Great post! My emergency dessert is pretty lame – I just serve cappuccinos and Belgian chocolate (that we always have lying around because my husband travels for business quite a bit and can always pick up some!)

  • justcooknyc

    i don’t kow why i never learn my lesson and just stock puff pastry and filo dough at all times

  • Marisa

    Some great ideas for when you’re in a pinch. Or just have a perpetual sweet tooth like myself. *ahem*

  • jennifer

    My go to emergency dessert is ice cream with berries. I usually have fresh or frozen berries on hand and it makes ice cream even more special and delicious.

    I love your in a pinch dessert recipes!

  • Teresa

    Excellent ideas for dessert! Love the idea of using cereal for dessert…since I eat cereal all day long might as well use it for something decadent too ;)

  • humberto

    sometimes a realy need sugar…I always got a caramel to put in ice cram with any nut !

  • Anita

    HEHE I have a container of dulce de leche at home and the quick turnovers recipe is just what I need. :)

  • Sarah

    good emergency tips! One of my favorites is baked banana in its peel with butter, brown sugar and cardamom, served with ice cream.