Late Night Crêpe in Paris – Video Post

Every time I walk by a crêperie and catch a whiff of fresh crêpe, I’m immediately transported back to those magical nights in Paris.

Strangely enough, I haven’t eaten a single crêpe since returning from France. Deep within, I fear that I will ache for Paris that much more. I don’t want to live my life longing to be elsewhere.

Late Night in Paris

I distinctly recall one night when my company and I had oxtail stew on couscous in the most random little night spot. I threw back a bottle of decent wine while the DJ pumped the best hip hop I’ve heard in a long time. I shut my eyes, felt the music under my skin, and lamented all the top 40 that DJs play (not spin) back home.

The best (or worst) part was that the DJ poured his heart into his music even though the room was next to empty. I told him in my broken French how much I appreciated his passion and he kindly gave me his mixed CD, which I still listen to.

We shut the place down and proceeded to stroll around aimlessly, snapping silly night shots. That’s when that sweet scent of crêpe cooking on the street forever stamped into my mind. My eyes met with the the street vendor’s, who was pouring batter onto the crêpe griddle.

He beckoned. I complied.

Late Night Crepe in Paris

My remaining braincells cried, “Nutella banana crêpe, I must have you”.

My most precious travel memories are these small moments that are insignificant to anyone else. I can only describe it as a moment of complete contentment, where I felt I was exactly where I wanted to be.

Whenever I listen to that CD in or see steam rise from a crêpe griddle, I bite my lip with a smile to suppress the bitter-sweet yearning inside.

  • catty

    LOL you are SO CUTE. “one more bite”… you crack me up. Reminds me of ME!!!

  • Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite

    Everything DOES taste better under the Parisian night sky – you are right! I haven’t had a single crepe since crepefest over Christmas/ New Year and this has made me rethink that….

  • The Cooking Ninja

    I love that banana nutella combination. So yummy.

    I live in France and each time I smells crepe, I wanted to buy one but when I think about how easily I can dish it up back home instead of paying €2,00 for it. :p

  • Rose

    Ahhh! Cute video! That crepe looks amazing, what a work of art!

  • Le Marque

    What a coincidence! My friend was just talking about crepes! Any recipes to shareee? And what other fillings are good to go w?

  • Divina

    Mel, I think you should have your own TV show. I am serious. Yes, those crepes are just pure goodness. But I can’t watch you eat those crepes. :)

  • Leela

    Gawd, you just slayed me with that gooey crepe. So jealous.

  • Liz

    I thought I was satisfied with my delicious Columbian leftovers, but I would love one of those crepes! And I agree, I love street food and late night delicacies.

  • FlavorBoulevard

    Mmmmm… crepes… one time I had this crepe from a vendor in Seattle, in a cold drizzling night. That was the best crepe ever. Maybe it’s the combination of wanderlust and vendor’s uniqueness.
    Love how you say “He beckoned. I complied.” LOL. You’re cute! :-)

  • Sharlene (Wheels and Lollipops)

    Now I feel as though I should go out and have one for you :) Its true eating it piping hot on your way home after a long night while walking along the seine is not a bad way to end the night :)

    If I did not have two kids in bed I would so go out know and have one for you !

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