Florence: Offal on the Streets

Greetings from Florence. Brief update on the fly…

Needless to say, Florence is a stunning city filled to the brim with art, culture, and jawdroppingly amazing architecture. I’ll write more in depth about it when I return but for the while, there are a few photos for viewing in my Mel Eats Europe photoset.

The Food.

For quick bites, there’s always mountains of gelato…

wallfuls of wine…

and heaps of delicious sandwiches…

but my heart lies in the local favorite, Lampredotto and Trippa carts.

Street vendors dish out offal (such as cow stomach, tripe, tongue, and tendon) cooked in tomato, onions, and olives out of steaming cauldrons. Served with crusty bread to sop up the meaty juice, there’s nothing better.

Or try it in a sandwich, accompanied with some wine and beer.

  1. November 08, 2009 by Unplanned Cooking

    How I would love to wake up to that!

  2. November 08, 2009 by Divina

    Oh, just wonderful and gorgeous.

  3. November 08, 2009 by FRESH LOCAL AND BEST

    These are such amazing photos! What beautiful food you are eating!

  4. November 09, 2009 by twinkienic

    Yum! That’s all my favourite offal in one delicious-looking bowl.

  5. November 09, 2009 by Les Marque

    envious. makes me wanna go to italy now!!

  6. November 10, 2009 by Kelly

    Yum. I am enjoying the glimpse into your trip. It all looks fantastically delicious.

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