Beet ‘n Squash YOU! Battle BEETS!


Announcing a New Veggie Celebration!

November is BATTLE BEETS!
Got a wicked recipe for sweet, earthy beets? Bring it on!

Mel of Bouchon for Two and Leela of She Simmers are proud to present Beet ‘n Squash YOU! — a monthly food- fight wherein the stupendous virtues of vegetables are extolled.

Beet n Squash YOU!
The partners in crime will take turns hosting the open event for all cooks! (bloggers or not).

To Participate:

  • Paste the Participant Badge onto your page.
  • Publish a post by the deadline (1st Fri. of the month) with a recipe featuring this month’s vegetable.
    Anything goes! Please include a short description on how this dish reflects you (e.g. culture, lifestyle, location…)
  • Email your best photo and the recipe link ( by the deadline. We also accept all forms of media.
  • Publicize this on Twitter to extend the fun for all, especially to veggie-loving friends!

On the following Monday, the host will announce:

  • 2 winners! Mel and Leela’s top picks.
  • A round-up linking to each participant’s recipe
  • Next Month’s Featured Veggie

The Winners will receive:

An adorable Winner’s Badge

Permanent linked placement on Mel and Leela’s Walls of Fame.

Prizes when this takes off.
Beet n Squash YOU!Beet n Squash YOU!

November is Battle BEETS
Got a wicked recipe for sweet, earthy beets? Bring it on!
Hosted by Leela

Paste Participant Badge visibly on your page for the duration of the event. Feel free to remove thereafter:

<a href=”” target=”top”><img src=”” border=”0″></a>

Email entry to:

Tweet: Nov. is BATTLE BEETS! Join @BouchonFor2 and @SheSimmers in Beet n’ Squash YOU! Veggie fight!
Submissions Due: November 6th
Winners Announced: November 9th

Next Round
Veggie Announced:
November 9th
Submissions Due: December 4th

  • Tangled Noodle

    This will be fun! I just hope I don’t get ‘beet’ down . . .

  • Marillyn @ just-making-noise

    I love this! This is just the motivation I need to make a particular recipe with beets. THANKS!

  • Mel (admin)

    Yay :) so glad that you’re joining us! Good luck :)

  • Mel (admin)

    @ Tangled Noodle: haha oh dear that’s a little cheesy even for my taste. Look fwd to your recipe!

  • Lan

    this is sooooo cute! I’M IN!

  • lo

    Looks like great fun, guys! Can’t wait to see all the great recipes… and I might even participate. After all, if you can’t beet ’em, join ’em. *groan*

  • Katerina

    This sounds good. I Love me some squash and beets!

  • Mel (admin)

    @ lo: Don’t hesitate. You’re already in the spirit of beeting!

  • Mel (admin)

    @ Lan: Let’s rock!!

  • Naomi

    If I could cook I’d totally do this.

  • amanda

    hmmm, what will it take the *squash* the competition?

  • Mel (admin)

    Hi Amanda, did you mean to squash? There are some big names going into this :) I’m very excited. Pretty nervous myself!!

  • pg

    Oh man.

    I _LOVE_ beets. The gf’s nickname is actually Beets. I have to step up to the place on this one.

    Thanks for the tip-off on Ad-Hoc as well –I enjoyed Bouchon so my copy of Ad-Hoc (according to chapters) has been shipped. Maybe it will show up and take me out of this vancouver gloom.

    Also: Pourhouse in gastown –have you tried? I’ve heard good things.

  • Marye

    Mine is done. I will be posting it early next week because I am up to my elbows in pumpkin this week … :)