Bouchon’s Marinated Squid Salad Recipe with English Cucumber and Tomatoes

Salade D’Encornets aux Tomates et Concombre

You may recall that I shared some photos of darling heirloom tomatoes and heirloom cherry tomatoes that were bought especially to make this squid salad from Bouchon. I prepared this as a starter for a small dinner party and my guests really enjoyed it. In particular, the super juicy and sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes livened and tied the flavors together. Freshness is key here and little is done to mask the ingredients’ natural flavors so this is a great way to feature the best tomatoes you can get your hands on.
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Bouchon’s Marinated Squid Salad Recipe with English Cucumber and Tomatoes


Small squid (2-3 inches long)
Canola Oil
Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Red wine vinegar
English cucumber
Heirloom tomatoes or vine-ripened tomatoes
Minced shallots
Chopped Italian parsley + whole leaves for garnish
Minced chives
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Thinly shaved red onions
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Clean the squid and separate the body from the tentacles. Cut the body into rings and spread the pieces onto a paper towel to dry.
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Heat a sauté pan with some canola oil over high heat. Season the squid with s&p and sauté the tentacles briefly, then add the rings and sauté for another quick 30 seconds or until the rings turn opaque. Drain on paper towels, then place into a bowl.

Drizzle squid with olive oil, add vinegar, toss, and refrigerate for 2 hours.
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Meanwhile, peel, half, and de-seed the cucumber. Sprinkle with salt and let stand for 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the cucumber, pat dry, cut into bâtons, and refrigerate.
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To serve:

Slice tomatoes thinly and place on a plate. Season with s&p. Drizzle with olive oil.
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Toss cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shallots, parsley, chives, red onion, and squid together. Place the mixture atop the tomato slices and garnish with parsley leaves. Drizzle plate with more extra virgin olive oil. Serve cold.
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The Verdict:

I was fortunate to find small squid and they were very tender and tasty. I suppose larger squid could work but the tougher texture might contrast too greatly from the rest of the ingredients. Overall, this was a deliciously fresh and simple salad but the flavors could have been better balanced. Since the the ingredients were quite mild, I found that I had to season heavily and added more vinegar than he instructs to. Even so, the cucumber fell unnoticed next to the squid while the onion was a bit overpowering (given, my mediocre knife skills prevented me from shaving them thinly enough).

I would definitely make this salad again when I get my hands on some ripe heirloom tomatoes but I will create my variation on the ingredients. I’m thinking maybe radishes or a fennel bulb instead of the red onion. I tried an octopus salad last week with diced potato in it. The combination was surprisingly yummy so I might also give that a try.
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  1. May 06, 2009 by Christelle

    What a beautiful salad!!!

  2. May 06, 2009 by Carolyn

    I LOVE the colors of tomatoes – reminds me of my time in France – the purplish ones taste the best! Looks really fresh.

    Great presentation – thank you!

  3. May 06, 2009 by Julie Jams

    What an amazing recipe! The colors and presentation is excellent. I wish I could have tasted it.

  4. May 06, 2009 by Ashley

    Thanks for sharing, love all the colors. The photography is great.

  5. May 06, 2009 by Jessie

    wow, beautiful photos, I love all of the colors and flavors going on in this dish :)

  6. May 06, 2009 by Blackswan

    Great pix & nice recipe!

  7. May 06, 2009 by judyfoodie

    Beautiful pictures. I love squid, so I will definitely try this out.

  8. May 06, 2009 by nina

    The tomato really is the star her, isn’t it? Wow, beautiful salad!!!

  9. May 06, 2009 by Cookin' Canuck

    How beautiful! I adore squid, and appreciate when it is presented in all of its fresh (unfried) glory.

  10. May 07, 2009 by neena creates

    you make it sound so easy and i can’t wait to try it, i agree that it’s great to see squid dishes not fried!

  11. You are speaking right my Italian heart. The salad looks fresh and bright. Thanks for sharing :D

  12. May 07, 2009 by Fearless Kitchen

    This looks delicious. Fresh tomatoes are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  13. May 07, 2009 by Sock Monkey

    That looks really light and refreshing. Fortunately, I added some heirloom tomatoes to my veggie garden this year, although they’re still a couple of months away from maturity.

  14. May 07, 2009 by s. stockwell

    Looks great, we have lots of squid to work with here in Santa Barbara so we need some recipes. thanks ,s

  15. May 07, 2009 by Rico

    Looks great :) xx Rico-Recipes

  16. May 08, 2009 by Sarah

    Mmmm, I could def go for some of this now!

  17. May 08, 2009 by Elin

    I love this and congrats for making it to Top 9 and thanks for sharing this recipe.


  18. May 09, 2009 by RK

    Looks delicious!

    How’d I know you were going to use squid? I just did.

  19. May 09, 2009 by Tangled Noodle

    Wow! The presentation of this dish is incredibly appetizing. The heirlooms look beautiful and the squid, perfectly cooked. I may have to settle for frozen squid but I’d love to try this (once my heirloom tomatoes come in!)

  20. May 10, 2009 by French Cooking for Dummies

    Your salad is so beautiful! I love squids and these heirlooms tomatoes look really tasty…Great photos, by the way.

  21. May 11, 2009 by Pink Foodie

    I love the colors in this salad. Great job!

  22. May 13, 2009 by Lynne

    A beautiful salad! Thanks for sending me the post.

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